I've worked in animal rescue for about 5 years. I mostly started in photography but graduated into working in the field for rescues, foster, training using positive reinforcement methods, and talking to the community on the importance of spaying and neutering and keeping their animals in the home.


I was honored to be employed at Best Friend's Animal Sanctuary in 2015 before my move back to Las Vegas, which taught me many valuable things in the way I work and photograph with rescue animals now. As a Best Friend's intern (before my employment), I started the NKLV Rescue Only project to highlight animals that were listed for Rescue Transfer due to medical and behavioral issues. Currently I am working at The Animal Foundation as their Canine Playgroup Specialist full-time which has also greatly influenced my work.


I've worked with many of the rescues in the Las Vegas community and am currently partnered to The Churchill Foundation. However, I would love to photograph any rescue animal in need and am available to help any rescue/shelter. As a member of HeARTs Speak, please contact me if you would like to set up a shoot for rescue/foster/or adopted animals!